Nintendo – Pokémon Sun and Moon Launch



Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
% set-ups/visits completed

Our response

  • eXPD8 began planning -4 weeks prior to launch. This included liaising with retailer, distributor and all stakeholders to ensure briefing information was consistent and acquired on time for deadline. Plannograms, Line lists, Visuals and key information around implementation was collated prior to launch and a full brief loaded to the merchandiser’s tablets for review on launch day. Full POD’s (Proof of Deliveries) were also received prior to launch and loaded to the merchandisers tablets to aid them in locating the units in store on launch day.
  • Regular review of repeat offenders in store ahead of launch allowed us to target any challenging stores head on prior to release to fix any potential non-compliance.
  • Engaged the eXPD8 field team pre-launch to ensure awareness of the title – strong instore relationships between our merchandisers and store colleagues also enhanced raising awareness of the title prior to launch.
  • Completed launch day visits to set up all stock and POS. All merchandisers had briefing information and questions loaded to their tablets allowing for full visibility of all necessary information whilst in store.
  • Implementation included charts and several off shelf fixtures – eXPD8’s tablet technology allowed for quick data transfer and an ability to see call data from store 45 minutes after a merchandiser visit. Fast data transfer allowed for a detailed interim update and images on launch day for the client to review a snapshot of compliance at that time.
  • Full reporting data sent on day 2 including; selection of images, any non-compliance (including reason) and compliance percentages.
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