What is Field Marketing?

Field Marketing is the practice of sending skilled display representatives to provide retail support services for clients.

These field marketing services are designed to increase product availability, maximise display and point of sale compliance, increase brand awareness and to give clients a much greater insight into what may be affecting their product sales.  

Client goals and targets are fulfilled by staff who are employed by the field marketing agency. This minimises the cost of having to train, deploy and brief your own field staff and also ensures that the services are completed by experienced display representatives who have been purpose trained. 

Most commonly a field marketing campaign is used by clients to increase product sales, increase profits and maximise ROI, but can also be used purely to gather information for a client.

The focus, location and size of individual field marketing campaigns can be comprehensively specified and because of the flexible nature of the services offered, there is a huge scope of possibility. From high profile nationwide product launches and promotions to short notice local one-off events, a field marketing service can be a very effective solution.

Another major advantage of a specialist field marketing agency is the technology and dedicated systems infrastructure, coupled with advanced reporting and analysis tools. This ensures that the work completed is efficient, fully accountable and extremely accurate.

Field marketing campaigns usually fall into one of two categories: Contract Services (long term ongoing strategies), or Tactical Services (one-off events, promotions or activities).

Any of the services offered can be tailored to fit into either a contract or a tactical field marketing campaign.

Examples of field marketing services:

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