7 steps to a successful in-store product launch

7 steps to a successful in-store product launch

eXPD8 launch a lot of films in a lot of stores every year – from giant titles that seem to take over an entire store to small scale chart only releases – and every single one is planned extensively. From Theatrical Release all the way through to analysing the results of the launch, here at eXPD8 we have every detail organised and scheduled.

Warner Bros. Kong: Skull Island launches on 24th July, so to celebrate the monstrous release we thought we’d give you a brief rundown of how we get ready to swing into stores:

  1. We began planning for the Home Entertainment launch of Kong as soon as the film hit cinemas back on 9th March 2017. With audiences going ape for the film, we started our pre-planning – making estimates based on our immense experience of in-store launches to plan in merchandiser time and analyse how best to maximise compliance.
  2. With around a month to go, we finalise the merchandising plans and costs and build a marketing strategy, ensuring everyone at eXPD8 is engaged with the product and preparing for the launch.
  3. With around 2 weeks to go until launch, our merchandisers are talking up the release to store managers: making them aware, getting them excited and agreeing shop-floor space for the POS (Point of Sale).
  4. Now that everything has been locked down and agreed, eXPD8’s team of administrators get to work: designing informative merchandiser briefs, writing perfect launch questionnaires and making sure that our field team will have everything they need for launch day.
  5. With around a week to go, it’s time for the real checking. Joe and I tirelessly cross-reference and test every element of the launch to ensure nothing goes wrong on the big day.
  6. Launch Day is always exciting, with a real buzz around the office and a lot of data coming in to sort through and act upon. Throughout the day, we react to all reports of non-compliance by organising field re-visits, talking to the retailer’s head office and calling stores. We only accept the best compliance for our clients so we’ll work hard and use all tools at our disposal to get it.
  7. With the big day over, we get technical: creating detailed reports and analysing how and why things could be improved. We always want to deliver the best launches for our clients and the only way we can do that is to learn from each and every launch we work on!

Here’s a video of the team discussing our preparations for the big launch!


Lawrence Bowen

eXPD8 Account Coordinator