How to Fill Your Spare Time Now You Aren’t Commuting to Work

Thousands of people up and down the country are now working from home due to the pandemic. According to a 2019 research study by TUC people were spending an average of 59 minutes commuting to work each day pre-pandemic. Hopefully, this should mean that employees have more time at home, feel more rested and have more money in their pockets due to the lack of commute.

The Daily Routine is No More… At least For Now!

Personally, my commute was around 1.5 hours every day, meaning my day started at 6:30am and ended at 6pm when I got home – 11.5 hours away from home! In contrast, I now wake up between 7:30 and 8am and prepare for an 8:30 start. I shower, make breakfast and a coffee which wakes me up and gives me the focus I need to begin the day. When I finish at 5pm I can immediately do what I like with the rest of my evening and having more energy due to the lack of commute which means I can get more done.  

Being in lockdown means activities are limited but I have found some good activities keep my mood up and help with general and mental health. Sometimes working in your living space can feel repetitive and can be hard. My main tip for this would be to try and set up a separate workspace in your house. If this is not possible then at the very least, try to work somewhere other than your bedroom as it blurs the lines between working/relaxing time.

If you, like me, are one of the thousands of people who now are not commuting and have found themselves with time to spare, I have made a list of several productive outlets with which to fill your extra time but get you out of your makeshift home office.


Even if you can only do 20 minutes, getting out of the house and exercising boosts your mood and keeps you healthy. It can be useful to set yourself targets to keep the exercise interesting. This will make more sustainable to keep doing. For example, at the beginning of January I could do 1 press up, now 2 weeks later I can do 10 in a row, this keeps me motivated to do more and more.


Make different foods, to keep it interesting. As you can’t go out, why not deviate from boring meal routines and make things you never usually would, I made gyozas for the first time and they were amazing.


Mix up the layout of rooms to keep them fresh and enjoyable. It can get boring sitting in the same chair in the same position all the time. Moving things can make it seem like a whole new room.


Keep living space tidy and clean, ‘tidy space tidy mind’, as they say. De-clutter your desk/dining table or wherever you work during the day.


Start a new hobby. This could be anything from reading books, colouring, learning an instrument or gardening, whatever floats your boat. Mine is learning a language – I have been trying to learn a sentence a day in Spanish. I did Spanish in school, so it felt good to pick that back up again as I already knew a little.

Overall, the most important thing you can do for yourself is self-care, the more you take care of yourself the more you can enjoy your life. Take some time in each day to do what you love and makes you happy!

Alice Sage – Account Administrator