Back to School 2022: eXPD8 is Top of the Class

Retailers are always looking for reasons to drive footfall into their stores. Events such as Mother’s, Father’s and Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night, and of course Christmas, create demand and therefore volume – and Back to School is no different. In fact, these volumes contribute to a substantial percentage of retailers’ annual targets, with the average spend per child on Back to School (BTS) items in 2019 amounting to £191. And BTS 2022, after the last few years of significant change, is set to be bigger than ever.

BTS 2022 as a Sales Amplifier

If you’re a parent, the idea of going into the shops for one thing only to walk out with ten, is well known. They need uniforms. But they want a snack, or entertaining too, which means that a basket’s value can often increase as a direct result of simply being in the ‘Back to School’ area. From a brand’s point of view, this is valuable, as those targeted customers who might not necessarily have seen or tried your product previously, are now presented with it when their intent to purchase is high. Ultimately, it takes less effort to drive the ‘secondary sale’.

eXPD8 has been supporting brands during the ‘Back to School’ season for several years and we understand the importance of ensuring promotions are corrected sited, fully stocked and in high footfall areas in order to maximise sales. It’s about getting in front of the right consumer, in the right place, at the right time.

Different from Previous Years

2020 and 2021 were, for reasons we all know too well, challenging. Parents were schooling for many months of lockdown, with distance learning supplies taking centre stage. Social distancing had placed us in a technology bubble, but in 2022 we’re finally out the other side and becoming more social once again. Those products that help in the face-to-face world, from drinks bottles and rucksacks to physical stationery, planners and diaries for college, university, and professional worlds, are back in the spotlight.

We’re seeing an increasing trend to audit, stock check and display these types of items across a range of environments. In 2022, we’re seeing a 20% increase in these call types across Back To School categories, and we’re delivering those calls across 12 different retailers.

How we Set Up a Call for BTS 2022

At eXPD8, our Field team know how important a time of year this is for the business. They are primed and ready to respond, with many of our more experienced merchandisers knowing the pattern of service delivery. Our fully employed and trained team of merchandisers are in every postcode of the UK so we can deliver great coverage at speed, providing high quality data – ensuring brands see the sales they’re expecting. Our services range from immediate reactive calls to planned, tailored retail execution, to ensure we deliver the right result for our clients.

Get in Touch to Find Out More

Whether you need support with your Back to School point of sale, day-one implementation, merchandising and replenishment – or whether you need some insight on why your sales aren’t where they need to be, we have a solution to suit.

To find out how eXPD8 can help your Back to School 2022 activity, please reach out on to discuss your options.