Euro referendum Brexit… Brit-in are you in or out?

It seems everyone has a view about this subject and you either have to be in or out or else you are in the ‘undecided camp’ which really means you are in the camp waiting to be converted by either side.

Both sides need your vote and are keen to give you the facts as they see them or ‘think you want to hear’.  The economy and immigration are the hot topics with both sides keen to give their view of the world if their vote wins.

The younger we are, the more likely we are to want to leave and therefore the older the more likely to remain… but as if that generalisation wasn’t enough it seems that age alone isn’t the only way the politicians and opinion polls categorise us, apparently we are also guided or influenced by the weather!!

Rain on the day could sway the vote….

It is interesting to see that some companies have made a decision to share with their employees the view of the company encouraging their employees to vote in a particular way – I wonder how they will ever know how each employee voted..?

We’ve had ‘Leaders of other countries’ give their view trying to influence the vote and advise what the outcome of the vote means for their country and what it might mean for our countries together – in the final 4 days who else will give their view??

So here is my advice – vote if you want to, as the weather can be very unreliable!!


Sarah Jane Pilling

Business Operations Manager