Christmas countdown

110 days until Christmas – the countdown is already underway

So we are not in a heatwave – but neither is it -3 degrees…

The sun may not be shinning wherever you are but unexpectedly the Bank Holiday certainly delivered for some of us with hardly a rain cloud in sight. So it’s hard to imagine anything further from where we are now – coming to the end of the Summer season the last thing on our minds is ‘what will we be doing for Christmas this year?’ ( If that has just sent shivers through your bones, then it’s a good job you are not in design as the question you would be asked would be what are we doing for Christmas ‘next’ year).

At eXPD8 we have already had several Christmas planning meetings and have commenced our Seasonal recruitment with a number of jobs advertised. We would be keen to hear from anyone who would like to join our team, we have a variety of roles and positions available. We are looking for experienced and inexperienced individuals who are looking to join a fast moving and high tech company, we have seasonal contracts available for most flexible of options. If you are available for any range of hours ( even 2 hours a week to 25hrs as week) make contact and see what we have to offer.

To apply please register here.

Although it is just under 16 weeks away, we are already looking at our plans for the week leading up to Christmas Eve. This year Christmas Eve is a Saturday and as such provides a full week of sales before the big event when Santa makes all those trips down our chimneys. The full week of sales poses a challenge for shoppers, suppliers and retailers… with both good and bad challenges.

  • A full week of sales this year vs 6 days of trading last year is hopeful to deliver a ‘bigger’ week of sales this year
  • When to launch sale?
  • When will the competition launch sale?
  • When will shoppers do their last minute shopping?

With so many choices and decisions it is key that the 3 ‘Ps’ are applied

  • Preparation
  • Preparation
  • Preparation

And then there is the 4th safety net – engage with eXPD8  – we are ready to help support your 2016 peak sales and can provide merchandising services and delivery for all your seasonal  needs. Have a read our testimonials and case studies to see what we deliver for our clients.  We can support in a number of ways and offer merchandising, stock counts, day 1 set up and on-going replenishment.

If you believe the 2016 seasonal period is critical for you, let us support you in finding a solution to your needs.  Get in touch at or 0117 905 5118.

Can you afford to wait ?