Consumer Electronics Merchandising

At eXPD8 we have worked with multiple different types of brands and products over the years. Within our business we have specialists throughout different industries and have a wide breadth of knowledge in what we do. This includes in consumer electronics. Here, we can support your business.

How We Can Support:

Visual merchandising is key to making sure your brand stands out within the vast landscape of product in stores. Working with Consumer Electronics there needs to be a different approach to other product types. With Consumer Electronics you are more likely to be selling a luxury product or experience to the customer. Therefore, you need a business that understands how to work with creative agencies. In addition to providing the right experience that represents your brand.

Visual Displays:

There are of course many ways to display your products in store. As a customer, when purchasing electronics item in-store, a key elements is being able to touch and feel the product. To be able to do this with high value product, a dummy device is a good way of giving the experience. This is experiential, without putting the product at risk. At eXPD8 we don’t only merchandise the product, but also distribute and walk the dummy devices into stores and set up, giving maximum opportunity for implementation. I’m writing this blog at the time of Covid-19, where there must be other factors considered. For example customers not being able to have the touch and feel of a product. In these circumstances making sure your product is available, on the shop floor, and of course has all POS on display is important.

Once the product is set up, you may also want to give an extra level of interaction. As well as being able to hold the product, you could also use QR codes to give demonstrations. This would also mean that customers don’t physically have to touch the product. Again, as we are living in difficult and strange times, these virtual demonstrations are a good way of keeping the experience interactive.

Impulse purchases

Whilst most Consumer Electronics are higher value items, there is still opportunity for impulse purchases given the right display. To gain impulse purchases you may need to lead the customers in the direction you want. Like going to the electronics section to browse, to do this you may need POS placed Front of Store. eXPD8 know the highest footfall location in store is Front of Store. Each customer walks past at least twice, on entry and exit. The products can see up to 60% sales uplift from either being situation at the front of store.

2020 was tough on everyone, but if you need eXPD8’s assistance to boost your Sales in 2021, please get in touch

Suzanne Saville – Client Services Manager