Brand Storytelling: The Importance Of A Consistent Brand

In this blog all about brand storytelling:

  • Powerful method for learning
  • Powerful tool for strategy
  • Powerful means for communicating
  • Power of pictures

After such a welcoming first week at eXPD8, what better way to introduce myself than with a little bit about me. My name is Danielle Canepari, and I have recently joined eXPD8 as an Account Administrator. Growing up, I have always had a passion for the Fashion Industry and from there I began my 5 years’ experience in retail. Alongside my Fashion Promotion and Communication studies at University, I was provided with the opportunity of being ‘Producer and Events Manager’ for the Graduate Fashion Show 2019. Throughout my degree and practical work experience, I learnt the importance of storytelling within a brand or business and below, I reflect on my experience in these areas and their link to eXPD8 Field Marketing specifically.

Brands and storytelling

Within my role as Producer and Events Manager’ for the Graduate Fashion Show in 2019, an important factor to consider when establishing our brand, like every business, was to come up with a USP (Unique Selling Point). To make ourselves stand out and be different from competitors, we decided to focus on the importance of storytelling. Storytelling was originally used as a method to communicate, educate, share, and connect – and it still is!

“A powerful tool that enables marketers to understand what is going on in the marketplace and what that means for the customer, consumer, society, brand, and company.”

Kimberley Whitler

A key learning point was that we should always be seeking to acquire new elements, to gain advantage for the brands we represent. Storytelling can be great to educate and inspire everyone, through our own personal experience. An important aspect of storytelling is the use of images. From a very young age we are introduced to books and with that comes illustration. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, images are a great creative approach for our visual learners out there – you know who you are! We can then use these images to share on social media platforms in order to tell a story in a more appealing and engaging way.

That thing called social media

In recent years, social media has become a great way for brands to express themselves. It provides brand awareness and gives the opportunity for brands to be recognised (and tell their story). Interacting and engaging with people, creating conversation and keeping up-to-date on relevant news is key. A few important things to consider when using social media for your brand are as follows:

  • Be visual – you’re more likely to engage if you see an interesting image
  • Be consistent – no one likes to be ghosted! Share regular content
  • Give to get – well someone’s got to make the first move, right?

Putting it into practice

It’s true that most of the promotional material we published for the University’s Graduate Fashion Show was on social media. Fashion Shows themselves are a useful technique to promote to the media and customers directly. We had to think about our audience and what platforms they would utilise most. Instagram had our vote! In addition, we had to think about how we were going to tell the story and what it would be about

A quote from my personal website says, “this year we are focusing on story telling through promotion on Social Media and other promotional platforms such as Carbon on Campus magazine. We have come up with the hashtag #fromconcepttocatwalk.” ‘From concept to catwalk’ was an idea we came up with to tell the third-year Fashion Designers’ stories. How they got from A: the concepts in their sketchbooks, all the way to B: their collections dressed on the models walking the catwalk.

Within eXPD8, the importance of conveying our brand and our vision is imperative – it is important not only from a branding and communication point of view but also important to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, telling our story, our history and our vision in order to convey what sets us apart and why we are a great brand to work with. Conveying our brand is also important to attract and educate new starters (like myself!) into what the eXPD8 family is all about and what each role’s part to play is in order to deliver the eXPD8 strategic direction. If you want to learn more about eXPD8, who we are, what we do and how we may be able to support you get in touch on

Danielle Canepari
Account Administrator