Entering The World of Work

Leaving school and having to decide what to do with your life can be stressful. A recent study found that 52% of school students agreed or strongly agreed with the following statement. “I have no idea what I want to do with my career”. This pressure can be a huge burden on teenagers’ lives. Making the decision to continue with education, or enter the world of work.

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School studies are stressful, but deciding whether to leave it behind is also stressful!

The Hunt Was On

When leaving school I was certain I didn’t want to go to Uni, and so the job hunt started. According to AVADO only 10% of A level students leaving school plan to head straight into employment. Compared to the almost three quarters who choose to go to Uni. I was unsure about precisely what I wanted to do as a career. Therefore, choosing where to apply felt extremely difficult for me. I knew I wanted to improve my working skills and build on the confidence that my previous part-time job had developed. I set out to find a company where I could experience a business environment, enhance my learning and make the jump into full-time work. eXPD8 looked like the perfect start to enter the world of work. They were well established, purposeful, offered a variety of roles and seemed to be people focussed. They also offered a general administrative role supporting their retail merchandising teams. This has provided me with lots of exposure to business processes and relationships.

If you are struggling with this next life step find some great tips here 😊

The Fear of the First Week

The first week of work was scary. I’m sure its the same at any stage of a career, but being 18 years old, joining my first full-time job with people I didn’t know, wasn’t sitting comfortably with me! However, the colleagues at eXPD8 made this much easier for me. Everyone was friendly and helped me fit in. I joined the company working in the entertainment team. I enjoy going to the cinema and watching films / TV so being able to work with clients such as Disney, Sony and Universal excited me. The great team at eXPD8 made an induction system which was jam packed with training, meet and greets and opportunities to put your new skills to work. It was a brilliant way to begin learning how the company works and all the knowledge needed to succeed. It was very different to Sixth Form life. I was much more independent, and despite that being difficult I knew I had to (and could!) get through it.

One Year on

It’s now just over a year later and I’m pleased with the work I do.  I play an important role for the company and have some great specific tasks. I have coped with the changes that Covid-19 brought, and I am still learning new skills day to day. Pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone and getting a job has helped wonders for my confidence as well as starting the first jump into my career. eXPD8 has enabled me to meet friends and taught me how to succeed in work. I have learnt key business skills from computer systems to phone manner. Working has developed my communication skills, enabled me to use technology, learned data analysis, built on my writing skills, and enhanced planning and organisational skills. as well as build relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders. It has proven to be a really useful start to the world of work and given me knowledge which I will use for the rest of my life.

In my opinion getting a job straight from school was perfect for me, it enabled me to earn money, meet new people, learn key life skills and improve my confidence. Although going to University is a choice set in stone for lots of people, I believe some only do this due to not knowing what job they would like to go into and the fear of this. I have found a helpful article here that may be of use in situations like this. Yes, it can be daunting starting a new job at a young age, but its 100% worth it.

Lydia Davis
Account administrator