Euro 2016 – is your brand ready to deliver a great result?!

With less than 100 days to go before we will be entering the biggest sporting event in Europe in 2016; is your brand ready to deliver a great result!

Not only have other home nations Wales and Northern Ireland qualified for the first time in decades, but it’s the very first Euros that will see 24 teams, instead of the traditional 16, compete.

44% of shoppers plan to watch the Euros (source HIM), so there will be huge opportunities for suppliers and retailers alike to cash in as the majority of these patriots will be tuning in from the comfort of their own homes.

Most shoppers purchase their food and drink supplies from supermarkets – price being the main pulling factor with location and range coming in as close runners up. That said, other retail sectors can benefit; knowing the local community, tailoring solutions to local needs and supporting local events are where local convenience stores can prevail and offer shoppers something most larger supermarkets struggle to pull off.

Brands should have a clear presence in store with themed products to drive additional visits and higher basket size.

Targeting specific types of shoppers will also be paramount when encouraging them to visit local.  Over 60% of shoppers planning to watch the Euros aged 18-34 will eat/drink more than usual – that’s 20% more than the average! Multi-buy promotions and buy one get one free will be great ways of attracting these youngsters, particularly as overall 32% of shoppers will be watching with groups of friends.

With our skilled field team working across 115 different retail chains, eXPD8 retail support services have the experience and capabilities to support brands and retailers to ensure they kick off in style for this great sporting event.

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