Thinking data doesn’t mean thinking like a robot

eXPD8 launch new arm – eXPD8 Analytics

Have you ever thought about where and how your business may be falling short and how leveraging analytics more effectively could positively affect company growth and profit? Would knowledge of this information change the way your company makes future business decisions?

To help understand such gaps, we’ve launched a new sub-brand in the eXPD8 family – eXPD8 Analytics.   Our aim is to help you make sense of data to transform business performance.  We set out to examine priorities as well as deficiencies in your approaches to analytics.  Whether we are optimising your existing process or putting a new one in place, we can potentially save your company valuable hours that can be reinvested to business growth.

Despite a growing emphasis on data in business, many companies are going about analytics in the wrong way. Here at eXPD8 Analytics we prioritise better decision making. Paying attention to creative problem solving makes our team stand out from the crowd when dealing with your data needs.

To understand where organisations are going wrong the best place to start is the strategy they are undertaking with their data analytics. By leading with data, businesses are finding trends in whatever data they have available to them, much like a robot would. When approaching a business problem, we plan first with the desired outcome in mind and tailor our strategy to you. We understand how you can be more creative in the approaches to solving a problem with analytics.

Data analytics is constantly changing, opening up new challenges and issues. These challenges begin to develop into problems as companies become more reliant on traditional analytics to inform their decision-making. By using a more fluid approach and varied skill set to overcoming challenges, we can help to recognise the ability as well as potential that data has to drive actionable insights.

Get in touch to find out how we can get you on the right path to making better business decisions.

Visit our website www.expd8-analytics.co.uk or email us at solutions@expd8-analytics.co.uk


Patrick Timbs

Data Analyst