eXPD8 Donates Digital Tablets to National Schools

With the second lockdown now in full effect, the strain on schools to operate remotely means that digital tablets are in high demand, to enable students who are isolating to continue their studies. As part of our social media Competition Season, eXPD8 has donated 40 tablets to schools all over the UK and plans to donate a further 20 in the coming weeks. eXPD8 colleagues were invited to recommend their local schools who they felt would benefit from these tablets. After an exciting and rigorous selection process, the following schools have now received their tablets:

Springfield Academy, Bullwell, Nottingham

Ormiston Horizon Academy, Stoke on Trent

University Academy, Holbeach, Lincolnshire

Wessington Primary, Washington, Tyne and Wear

Recycling for Good

As part of eXPD8’s technology-focused operating model, there is a regular refresh of our digital devices and this means eXPD8 has a consistent supply of devices available for use. Rather than contribute to e-waste, our CSR guidance dictates we find socially conscious use-cases for devices that continue to function perfectly, but are no longer required based on the needs of the business.

We have previously donated such devices to Southmead Hospital’s Children’s Ward – North Bristol NHS Trust, which was well received by the staff and children alike. With the schools, the question was how do you choose who receives them?

Using Facebook to Decide

By running a Facebook giveaway with colleagues, eXPD8 has been able to crowdsource suggestions for eligible schools all around the UK – these have been cross-referenced using the UK Government’s search tool, so that those with the most demand in terms of their financial status were selected.

Once the schools were selected, the aim was to deliver the 10 digital tablets to each of the 4 schools within a week. This is now done – the head teachers and principles of the schools have been notified, and the tablets have been delivered. eXPD8 have also offered initial IT support if required. As it’s been such a success, we’ve allocated another 20 tables which will soon be distributed. You can check out the original campaign here.

Mark Thurgood, Director of eXPD8 says, “We are proud of our Tablets for Schools initiative, launched as part of eXPD8’s Competition Season on social media, which will see 60 tablets being donated to 6 schools all over the UK. As part of our CSR objectives, we are always looking for ways to decrease our waste output and increase our community engagement, so donating digital tablets to schools at this time of national need is a good fit and we look forward to such initiatives in the future.”

Get in Touch

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