eXPD8 Field Marketing new regions

eXPD8 Field Marketing expand number of regions across the UK

eXPD8 Field Marketing have increased the number of regions and regional management to see the largest number of regions we have ever had across the UK.

We have carried out a full review of the field team that support our clients with their retail service requirements.  In preparation for future growth, in readiness for diversification and to build on our strengths we have successfully promoted a number of our team to the position of Field Management.

Following a whistle stop tour of our regions, meeting many of the field team along the route, we have been from South Coast to Scotland, AB to PO and many places between.  The location of regions within our field structure is a very well calculated and cross department event.  Analysis from our ‘Data’ team provides specific details within each postcode area and after several versions and creations of many maps… the most even split and division of regions is created.

Whist each region may not be the same size from side to side or end to end, it will have a similar volume of hours and visits and ideal number of colleagues. Without the support of our data team we would still be locked in a room with sticky back tabs and many pieces of paper – not to mention the number of maps we would likely have destroyed along the way.

The new regions become effective in the business on Monday 20th June and concludes a review of the field, but at the same time commences the start of a new chapter in our future..

This will be the most number of regions we have ever had in our business and we wish all new Managers every success.


Sarah Jane Pilling

Business Operations Manager