eXPD8 Field Merchandising replenishment visits in-store

The importance of retail replenishment visits

In the last 20 years, shoppers have drifted away from the one big weekly shop. Now just over half of us do a food shop two or three times a week to top up; the most popular days to shop are still Fridays and Saturdays.

Film new release DVDs & Blu-rays traditionally launch on a Monday. So even if you set aside the challenges of the discounters and digital, selling DVDs in the supermarkets is not without its challenges! But, by sticking to the rule of three: visibility, availability and price, you are sure to reap rewards – and this is where we come in.

eXPD8 Field Merchandising-The importance of replenishment visits
Shoppers are all too busy trying to remember to get milk, tea bags… the boring stuff on the list; we need to get their attention. You walk into the store and BAM! there it is: Point of Sale, right in your eye line, lots of shiny DVDs and look at the price! Now that’s exciting…  and it works. New release DVDs fly on a Monday which is why eXPD8 visit all stores on day 1. In fact, they still fly all week catching the ‘two or three times a week’ brigade. The longer POS stays out on the shop floor and the better stocked it is, the more it gets seen by the other 35% of us who only go once a week (and statistically that will be on Friday or Saturday!).

Great POS wins the battle; keeping POS out on the shop floor, replenished all week is what wins the war, and this is what we have been doing for hundreds of launches over the past 10 years: targeted setup and replenishment visits. Ensuring the POS is fully stocked, in the right location ahead of the weekend sales is crucial, and we know it works!

eXPD8 Field Merchandising The importance of replenishment visits

So, here are my top 5 tips for getting the best out of replenishment visits:

  • Get the stock out – Seems obvious but getting as much stock out as possible in all locations it should feature is number 1 priority. Also, making sure the stock is pulled forward on the shelves and all areas look neat and tidy is needed to make the display appealing to consumers
  • Pricing – Stock without a price can be a lost sale. So, working with store colleagues to print those all-important SELs to site under the products is super important
  • POS location – We need to catch the consumers eye. Setting up POS at the front of store or in a prominent location is going to interrupt the customer journey and have maximum impact. If the POS is hidden away somewhere at the back of store, we need to move it to maximise impulse purchases
  • Visiting at the right time – The more you top up during the week, the longer POS will stay out on the shop floor; targeting stores when the new stock delivery has hit stores and before the weekend will maximise visibility and sales
  • Use eXPD8 to deliver you the best results first time… every time!

Cara Evans

Senior Account Manager