eXPD8 use bluetooth scanners to monitor share of space in stores on behalf of our clients

eXPD8 technology scanning shows share of space in-store

Since becoming a Display Representative at eXPD8 , I have undertaken a variety of calls and worked in a wide range of stores, from general merchandising and replenishment calls in Sainsbury’s and WHSmith to entertainment set ups in HMV and Wilko. The technology provided to you by eXPD8 allows you to carry out all your calls in an efficient way, and so providing a high-quality service for clients.

Looking back at the calls I have completed since joining eXPD8, the scanning calls I have been tasked with doing since Christmas, are by far the most interesting. In preparation for these calls you are sent a Bluetooth scanner with set-up instructions (which are relatively simple!) and a brief on what in-store displays you will be scanning. You are also invited to watch a video that has been prepared by the Central Office team, which provides a detailed step-by-step and full overview of the activity.  Once the video has been watched and the brief has been thoroughly read, a training call is carried out to ensure we are happy using the device and fully understand what is expected during the call.  My scanning calls are for a store in Leeds city centre but I am aware that scanning takes place for various clients across several different stores around the country.

The Bluetooth scanner allows you to scan the barcodes of each DVD and transfers the data to your Samsung tablet – all Display Representatives receive a tablet when they join eXPD8. Once I have completed my call, the data gets transferred to Central Office, where the data team collate the scanning information with the photographs taken on my tablet to produce a comprehensive report for the client. This method enables us to report back to the client their space share in-store on various promotional spaces. Our technology enables us to gather this information effectively and is far quicker than using a good old fashioned paper and pen!


Once the data has been gathered from the Field, the eXPD8 Analytics team then translate this into a comprehensive yet friendly report for the Client. By having the title barcodes of each space scanned, the team are then able to calculate and show the studio percentage share of that space/promotion in store. The Client will then be able to see what promotion their product most features in comparison to their competitors. There is also a tracker within the report whereby the Client is able to see the movement of their percentage share each scanning cycle. A photo report is also pulled together showcasing each of the spaces that we’ve scanned in store too.

I’ve been lucky to spend some time in Central Office so I could see the output of the scanning report which as a merchandiser is great to see the other side of what happens once our job in store is complete! So far I have found my time at eXPD8 to be enjoyable and rewarding.  The different types of calls mean you aren’t always doing the same thing, leading to a more interesting working experience.

Sam Roffey

Display Representative