eXPD8’s Employee Representative Group

“Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open” – Dalai Lama

It’s a day to day occurrence that the exact same object or situation can look completely different if more than one person is involved. Whether it’s a breath-taking view, the colour of a dress or how good you believe a film is. Your view can depend on your background or experience, what is most important to you or which end of a decision you are on.

Sometimes it just comes down to a matter of opinion…

The Employee Representative Group was created in 2009 and is a group of eXPD8 employees set up to improve communication channels through the company. The ERG is important because it makes sure that eXPD8, as a company, has a balanced view from Central Office and the Field covering; Display Representatives, Team Leaders and Field Managers, to ensure everyone has a voice before key decisions are made.

We are all included, because all of our opinions are different but equally important. After all, we all look at situations from different angles.

The ERG meets as a group in person every six months and has frequent conference calls when urgent issues arise. It’s not always easy going and sometimes we need to talk about difficult situations and decisions that need to be made that have effects on our company, both positive and negative.

Whether we discuss exciting details of working with new client, or the end of a contract with a current client which could lead to a loss of work which may in turn lead to TUPEs, transfers or redundancies or new proposed policies, we try to ensure that any objections or good ideas are voiced from a sample of opinions.

I’ve always empathised with other people’s situations and I like to explore all angles of a situation to plan for any unforeseen occurrences.  I enjoy being part of the ERG because I want to make sure that everyone is treated in the right way and that decisions are fair.  Also as we sometimes get involved in confidential things, it helps that I can keep a secret…

Pete Jones

Account Manager & ERG Member