Fasttrack 100 Alumni Dinner

In 2010 eXPD8 featured in the Sunday Times Fasttrack 100.  This is a listing of the fastest growing private UK companies and eXPD8 qualified because it grew by 50% for 3 consecutive years, built largely on the company’s unique business model and reputation for customer service.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Fasttrack Alumni dinner for entrepreneurs in Birmingham very generously sponsored by Barclays.  Entrepreneurs you ask?  Well yes, there were lots of real ones in attendance who had achieved extraordinary things in very diverse businesses from supplying military personnel to protect ships from pirates to cake decorations.  Impressive and inspiring people.  The guest speaker was Jason Bannister the founder and managing director of Oak Furniture Land, Britain’s largest hardwood furniture retailer.  Like eXPD8, he began the business in 2003 when he bought some pine furniture and sold it on eBay for a good profit.  Since then the company established its own website, in 2009 started opening showrooms and more recently advertises on the telly.  The company now has 69 outlets, turnover has reached £350m p.a. and it has been Fasttrack listed an amazing 5 times.

To be in such esteemed company is a privilege, and a huge credit to the energy, determination and innovation, and dare I say entrepreneurial spirit of the entire eXPD8 team.


Peter Bailey