eXPD8 Field Marketing

My first 6 weeks at eXPD8 Field Marketing

The first six weeks at eXPD8 Field Marketing have gone so quickly that it feels like a dream.  When you start a new job naturally friends and family ask what the new job is like, and what it involves!

So how do I describe eXPD8? I would say it’s a mixture between university and a career. What I mean by that, is there is always something new to take on board. Whether it’s learning new formulae in excel, the mechanics of merchandising, understanding field marketing terms or just going out for Friday night drinks. Essentially speaking, eXPD8 is a middleman for clients’ merchandising and field marketing needs.

Traditionally brand strategies have focused on the functional or utilitarian characteristics of products or services. However, with increasing competition within the marketplace, companies find it difficult to differentiate their brands on the basis of functional attributes alone. On my degree course I learned for instance from gurus like Kotler (2004) that there are considerable benefits to establishing a proper branding strategy, for example, client loyalty, corporate image, product identification, segmentation and legal protection. eXPD8 has implemented these ideas and that’s why I wanted to work for them.

Induction and training scheme

One of the main strength of eXPD8 is the training scheme they have in place. You get assigned a ‘buddy’ who makes sure you complete all the necessary different elements to do your job properly, which also helps to check your progress. The company is very process driven, but the induction tutorials explain all the in house systems; this was all very helpful as I had never worked for a field marketing agency before.  It’s not always easy starting a new job trying to remember all the reliance on names to faces or line managers. But luckily in the induction I was given a plan of the office with desk plans.

Company Culture

The office is a very busy but enjoyable place to work; everyone is very friendly and helpful. Every staff member is part of house/team and this helps to get to know other colleagues that you don’t see on a day to day basis. Luckily it’s not like the American fraternities, with no initiations when you join. There is always an excuse to have a celebration – usually it’s a birthday or new film release (Warner Bros being a premium client). When a film is released onto DVD, typically some of the colleagues dress up as a character of the film release and the 3 best dressed people get points for their team. The winning team at the end of the year get a cash price.  Activities such as these helps everyone engage collaboratively with the clients’ products.

The company does a great job of communicating their culture, enthusiasm and vision as industry leading in retail merchandising services. Experts agree that employees are fundamental in driving the success of a business and that ethos is present at eXPD8.  If every staff member is treated like a smart and capable person and given flexibility to make decisions, then that company will breed an environment in which everyone can develop.

Day to day Tasks

Put briefly, I work in a team for a number of clients including Yankee candles, M&S beauty, and Parragon books. I will generally be helping manage the client’s relationship with will involve running reports, audits, writing briefs, compliance checking, and helping manage merchandiser visits in retail stores. The work in very varied which keeps it interesting.


Rupert Jarrett-Kerr

Account Administrator



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Branson, R (2012) Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School