How eXPD8 use data and insight to drive informed decisions for clients

At eXPD8 we have recently announced that we have consolidated our Field Marketing services by taking over the merchandising services previously provided to Tesco by Oakwood Distribution, one of its subsidiaries. The outsourcing confirms eXPD8’s position as the market-leader providing Field Marketing support in the entertainment sector and further establishes itself across Grocery and other non-food categories. 

The move will double the size of the business and places eXPD8 as the only Field Marketing provider who is a preferred and accredited partner in Asda, Sainsbury’s and now Tesco. This is a huge opportunity for our business, in addition to the brands and existing clients that we work with. It allows us to have an increased efficiency in terms of what we can offer our clients in 3 of “The Big 4” and also showcases our proven performance in being recognised as a market leader in our field. In addition, our fully employed and trained field team will grow to over 3,000 people, providing flexibility and coverage for our clients across the entire retail landscape in the UK and Ireland.

As we head into May 2019 there are many exciting months ahead as we “roll out” into Tesco and pursue the opportunities ahead of us. Alongside our increase in volume, field structure and ability to offer efficiency’s and flexibility this also offers us a fantastic opportunity to further utilise (and build upon!) our existing Data Analytics Department’s data set to drive informed decision for our clients and help offer a tailored and cost effective merchandising model for them to drive the best possible ROI.

For every call that we complete in store (which can be in excess of 16,000 per week!) our merchandisers collect key data from the compliance questions that they answer which can be then banked, grouped and ultimately utilised to drive change for our clients. This information is also utilised alongside sales data received direct from the retailers which in turn help us to help our clients understand not only compliance trending by retailer, store and region but also the direct correlation this has on sales.

There are several ways in which eXPD8 already utilises data and insight to drive informed decisions for our clients – the increased volume in our business will simply mean that we have an increased data set to pull from to help make great recommendations for our clients, below are just a few ways in which we have utilised data to drive change previously:

  1. Dynamic Sales Model Merchandising: Through altering visit frequency based on seasonality and store sales – See our case studies on how we did this and what we achieved here and here.
  2. Through Retail Intelligence Reporting – eXPD8 have been collating weekly Retail Intelligence Reporting for several of our clients week in, week out for in excess of 7 years. Within this weekly report eXPD8 detail the key promotions in the main grocers and independents for that week, highlighting key pricing messages and new promotions. This aids our clients in making informed decisions on pricing mechanics, unit design and exclusive offers for their own promotions versus what their competitors may have offered.
  3. Store selection – For every call that we complete in store, and for every activity that we support all compliance data is held in our data warehouse. This details by region, by store and by “type of activity” a given stores compliance score. This can be looked at in isolation for a specific launch or can be viewed YOY. This dataset allows us to make recommendations to our clients on the best stores to visit for either a launch or for key replenishment – ensuring that the right stores are given the right level of support based on their previous “on entry” compliance figures in a similar activity. This in turn helps drive cost efficiencies for our clients and the best return on investment as budget is attributed to the stores that need support the most.

There are many ways in which utilising data can enhance and shape our clients decisions – providing all of the right ingredients are in the pot, eXPD8’s Analytics team are able to clearly show the best course of action to follow, making recommendations driven by numbers and facts. We are excited to build upon our existing database and continue to offer existing clients great service and new clients the chance to experience the eXPD8 Insight approach!

Gemma Cook
Client Services Controller