Manage Merchandising Schedule

How To Manage Your Merchandising Schedule

With a remote field team of over 1500 employees, working in thousands of stores, doing hundreds of different pieces of work each day, it takes an exceptional scheduling programme to ensure every colleague is in the right place on the right day at the right time.

eXPD8 have a merchandising scheduling programme affectionately called Wixxy, named after the man who designed it, Mr John Wickes.

How To Manage Your Merchandising Schedule

This programme has developed over the years from an Excel spreadsheet to a live data hub that sits in the cloud.

Wixxy schedules all work for each client fortnightly, it generates a route plan for each individual merchandiser to follow, from their home address, to a number of pieces of work in different stores, over mountains down the M25 over on the tube, to the Tesco next door to the London Eye.

To ensure each fortnightly schedule is perfect, it is imperative that we as Managers have some manual input. You feel a good deal of pride once you have completed the scheduling, this can take up to 16 hours to finally put to bed – which some Managers I am sure take theirs to bed with them.

The Wixxy has a diversity of applications and programs that can tip you over the edge with fear that all your merchandising team will revolt and not complete the calls scheduled if you have done a poor job.

Our current managers are very protective of anyone completing their schedule and has been known for someone to try and complete one in the bar at Benidorm while on holiday.

On a more serious and formal note the Wixxy schedule is a fabulous program to ensure your team get the best possible start to the week, and for the rest of the period as this helps plan their days to be the most effective for them and eXPD8

Merchandising Schedule retail support

So the main rules are concluded as Ship- Shape

S              Switch on

H             Holiday check

I               Immerse

P              Prioritise

S              Send requests

H             Have a cuppa

A             Agree to changes

P              Pre checks

E              End


If you want to feel secure knowing we have everything Ship Shape for your brand, get in contact today.

Dennis Bray

Zone Manager