An intro to eDUK8 and eXPD8’s Central Office House teams!

The dark days of February are long gone since I blogged last and here in Central Office we have been busy putting plans into action for the year and laying out our strategy for 2017. By the time you read this, our “people plan” will be out there: training and development for every eXPD8 colleague, giving everyone the opportunity to be even better at what they do and have the chance to progress.

The hub of this plan (I like a hub analogy) is eDUK8 LMS. Everyone has a login to their very own online Learning Management System page where they can learn and achieve. Here in the Central Office family, this allows us to customise learning and develop the potential in all our colleagues to grow both the individual and the business. Exciting times!

Amongst all this, here in Central, our “House” system has moved into the new season. “House system: what the…?!”. Well, for years now, we have had dress up competitions for new launches: Minions, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jurassic World to name a few. We’ve also played the odd game: Pin the Eye on Arnie, Legend Twins Quiz and The Great Yankee Sniff Off, for example.

To give these games a competitive edge, we created “Houses” for which colleagues can earn House Credits. There are six Houses, all named after Bristol pubs, each drawn from a true mix of colleagues: Ents, GM, Warner… we even let the Data Team play! So now, everyone here knows a bit more about the various clients we look after. They also get to mix with colleagues from different Categories and make new bonds… and they get to win some great prizes too, both at the end of season and as we go along. It only remains for me to announce that the Leicester City of the 2015/16 eXPD8 House Games are: The Lazy Dogs, pushing The White Lions into 2nd and The Bristol Rams into 3rd. All three win varying degrees of night out in the hostelry of their House moniker.

Beware The Lazy Dog on Wednesday…

Simon Bailey

Central Operations Manager