Location of POS instore - front of store

POS Location, Location, Location!

You may hear us eXPD8’ers often talking about the importance of POS or product location, but why?  What difference does this make?  The product is on display so who cares where this is in store?

Well, I can share with you my insights and let you in on a secret; location means absolutely everything in the world of retail…

The all-important Front of Store space is the key location that most off-shelf promotions and products will fight for, but why? The Entertainment Category can often be situated at the back of store and this is of course fine for your typical entertainment consumer, however fewer incremental sales will be driven from this area as the department is visited less often on the day-to-day shopping journey.

By implementing product displays outside of the category and, as a priority, at the front of store, you are essentially driving a new demographic of customer to your product as the front of store space has the highest customer footfall.

Each customer will walk by the front of store displays at least twice on their typical visit to store, as they enter and as they leave. Could you really miss a fantastic looking display when walking past it twice? Perhaps if you were on your way to pick up a new pair of prescription glasses.


Location, Location, POS Location


Statistics provided by eXPD8 Analytics

As well as the front of store being an extremely important space for product marketing, there are also other strategic locations in and out of store where POS placement can attract incremental sales. Let’s take a look at a previous example of this; Warner Brothers’ release ‘Me Before You’ whereby merchandisers sited Wobblers advertising the new release title alongside onions within the grocery department – this film is also guaranteed to make you cry!

A great example of placement outside of store is by adding curb side extras such as A-boards or car park banners, these can in fact attract consumers into store who didn’t initially plan on visiting.

In a retail world that is forever changing and a market that is gaining more competitors, we must think strategically and sometimes outside of the box to gain those all-important incremental sales.


Derri Breslin

eXPD8 Entertainment Account Coordinator