eXPD8's Holly meets Street Cat Bob

Meeting Street Cat Bob!

This Monday saw the DVD and Blu-ray release of the eagerly anticipated ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’.

Based on the bestselling autobiography by James Bowen, the movie explores the struggles of a recovering drug addict and street busker and his life altering friendship with man’s other best friend (That’s Bob of course). This is a feel good family comedy with dose of true grit thrown in for extra measure, defiantly not one to miss.

Here at eXPD8 Central Office, we’ve been planning for the in-store DVD and Blu-ray launch for some months now.  The planning involves working with Sony Pictures to determine store lists and to decide which piece of Point of Sale (POS) is going where.  We then write detailed briefs for our field teams and set up questions for them to answer on their tablets in-store so we can check compliance rates on a real time basis.

On launch day, we provide reports and photos to Sony regularly throughout the day so they can see the picture across the UK and can be confident we’re on track to hit the crucial day one of sales.  It’s been an exciting process and great to see the set-ups live in stores all over the country on Monday.

eXPD8 supports DVD and Blu-ray launch for A Street Cat Named Bob   eXPD8 supports DVD and Blu-ray launch for A Street Cat Named Bob

As a self-confessed ‘cat lady in the making’, I was lucky enough to get the added bonus when I arrived at the Sony office on Tuesday morning to the news that, international super star and heart throb Bob, would be paying us a visit, along with James Bowen himself. It is safe to say Bob is a true professional, he worked the room like no other, stopping to pose for photos and to bask in the sheer glory of his meteoric rise to fame, he even indulged us in a tour of the office, stopping to greet people as he passed by.

eXPD8's Holly Dimes meets Street Cat Bob eXPD8's Holly Dimes meets Street Cat BobeXPD8's Holly Dimes meets Street Cat Bob

It was a pleasure to meet this special duo. They clearly have a bond like no other, a truly incredible and heart-warming story.

Holly Dimes

eXPD8 Account Executive