Mother’s Day, Retail Space and Gift Dilemma’s

Well another Mother’s day has come a gone.  A day to celebrate the role of a mother.  A day starting with a messy attempt of breakfast in bed and the yearly ceremony of opening handmade presents from your precious offspring! Acting and looking amazed at their handy work… surprised at how bad it really is, yet you have to say how wonderful it is and then store it away in an ever bulging loft to give it them back when they move out! A day to look forward to!

If you have older children they are slightly more thoughtful and decide to go to the local shops the night before and get you your favourite chocolates, cakes and goodies. Those old enough may even buy you your favourite wine, or one of this year’s top gifts Prosecco. How many of our little ( and the not so little!) ones walk off feeling proud they had remembered and relish the thought of their mum beaming with delight when they open the presents hastily bought the night before. We are also proud at how resourceful our children are, and how well we have taught them to shop around and look for value for money.

But here lies a problem. What problem you ask? Well if you recognise Lent (or even if you use Lent as a way to give up something or re-attempt dry January that you’ve forgotten about by the 8th of Jan), Mother’s Day lands right slap bang in the middle of Lent! The practice of giving up something you like (that usually isn’t that good for you anyway).

At the school gates you can hear Mums discussing what they want to give up for Lent; crisps, chocolate, cakes, chips, alcohol! Yes all the top gift items bought this year for Mothers’ Day.

We are well aware what Lent is about but are more aware of what dietary luxuries their “Mum bodies” could certainly do without for 40 days and nights. (“Mum Bodies” is not a scientific term, just an observational term heard in gyms, school gates and children’s touchlines on Saturday morning Football across the country).

So Mothers get showered with chocolates, wine and gifts that they have been given and know they are on the “Give up for Lent” list on Mothers’ Day. They smile, still act gracious and still keep everyone happy in the family on their supposed “Day”.

This year the retailers have had a challenge to provide enough space and allow enough time between each retail activity for all the Seasonal events that take place between February and April. As Easter this year is ‘early’ there has scarcely been 2 weeks of full trading between Pancake ( Shrove) Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Easter, but not as much of a challenge that Mums face having to ogle at their ‘off limits’ gifts during Lent.

So before next Mothers’ Day, we Mums either have to give up things we are unlikely to receive as a Mothers’ Day gift, or move Lent! (the later isn’t really likely). So let’s get creative, shop around and see what ideas you can indulge on your Mum and what we could give up for Lent that can’t appear wrapped on Sunday 26th March 2017.  Mums are worth it and you have a whole year to plan the ideal gift, safe in the knowledge Mum won’t have given it up for Lent.

Sarah Jane Pilling

Business Operations Manager