My role as a Finance Apprentice at eXPD8

My role as a Finance Apprentice at eXPD8

Hi, I’m Josh! I’ve recently joined eXPD8’s Finance team. Finance is something I have always been interested in. For a long time, I have seen myself working within finance or accounting! So, I’m really looking forward to working as a finance apprentice at eXPD8 while starting my college course in AAT accounting for one day a week.

Week 1

My first week was one of excitement and nerves… but after meeting my team I instantly felt relaxed and more comfortable. This was reflected throughout the company and all of the different teams I have met! Everyone is friendly and has offered to help in any way that they can. I have gained a greater understanding of different areas in the company and what my colleagues around me get up to in their roles within eXPD8.

In my first week I learnt lots of new things about myself and the new role I have undertaken. Answering the phone in a workplace is something I’ve always struggled with. It’s a slight mental block I guess! Within just two days at eXPD8 I felt comfortable answering the phone and dealing with the various queries that make up a standard day-to-day in Finance! With the help of Nina, Preety and Olivia, I felt at ease dealing with most situations that occurred myself. If that wasn’t the case, I could easily escalate to the right person. I’ve also been introduced to lots of new computer programmes. Within just a few days of training, I felt comfortable using the software and picking out the data I needed to complete my tasks!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first week and am looking forward to learning even more in the weeks that follow! I already feel eXPD8 is the right place to be to further my understanding and interest in finance. In the short time I’ve been here I have already attained a good number of responsibilities. I’m already feeling greatly valued. This gives me a great deal of confidence in myself and in my work.

Fast forward to Week 4

I’m into my fourth week now, although I feel like I’ve been here for a lot longer… in a good way of course! I’m confident in everything I do, not afraid to speak out if I need help or advice. On top of this, I am enjoying every day as much as I was the first week! Maybe even more.
Even though my role is as a Finance Apprentice at eXPD8, I have been entrusted with complex tasks involving very different processes. I carry out these jobs on a daily basis and feel confident in completing each one. While I have tasks that I complete daily, there are also more specific jobs that require my attention on more of an ad-hoc basis.  

I now have a daily routine and know on which days I will require more time to prioritise certain tasks over others. I am happy to take on new jobs as the days go on and to help anyone else out where I can. This seems to be the overall code at eXPD8, everyone helps everyone! But this is something I wouldn’t be able to do if it wasn’t for the time management skills I’ve learnt whilst being here!

I didn’t expect to feel this comfortable so soon. I think that is a massive compliment to eXPD8 and the employees that work here. I am not treated any differently because I am an apprentice and I feel very much at home!  

Joshua Treadgold
Finance Apprentice

Apprenticeship training is not only of great benefit to employees, by improving their skills and starting them out on their career path. There are also many reasons why apprenticeships are valuable for employers such as boosting productivity and aiding staff retention. Josh is positive, keen to learn, hardworking and already a valued member of team.

Nina Best
Finance Manager