Quarterly compliance reads

Quarterly compliance reads vs. regular compliance reads

Here at eXPD8, we support more than 100 clients every year across an array of services – this can include (but is not limited to), merchandising support, audits, stock counts, data analytics, mystery shopping, seasonal support and much more! We are proud to be preferred supplier in 3 of the big 4 grocers and have more than 15 years’ experience within them. Our team of 3,000 merchandisers offer the very best in store relationships and are our No. 1 asset as a business to ensure service excellence first time…every time. As a business we are approached by clients for different levels of support, whether it be an ad hoc one-off launch versus more consistent merchandising support week in, week out (to varying levels of support in between the two). Below, we review the key benefits of regular compliance reads (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, periodically) versus quarterly ones. Here are some of the benefits which I have seen first-hand throughout the 18 months I have worked at eXPD8:

  • Regular compliance reads allows you to measure “apples for apples” and drive key decisions – the benefit from reviewing compliance in the same stores, for the same fixture week in week out shows you key trending data for that store over a long period of time without any seasonal impact (such as sales or promotional period) skewing your dataset. At eXPD8 we gather both “on entry” and “on exit” compliance which when viewed over a long period of time can offer our clients the ability to see by store, which stores are engaging in promotions versus which ones benefit most from a merchandising agency’s support. This information can help drive key decisions based on which stores should be visited and at what frequency for subsequent launch or replenishment visits, enabling our clients to spend their money in the most efficient way!
  • Having regular compliance (and trending of reasons for “non-compliance”) allows retailers and brands to make decisions regarding their POS for future promotions – In the question sets that our merchandisers submit whilst they are completing their calls, they are allowing us to collate store trending data for stores which frequently report “On Exit No – Lack of stock”, “On Exit No – Store Refusal” or “On Exit No – Unable To Locate POS” or “On Exit No – My store doesn’t have the space!”. By reviewing a stores response over several consecutive visits, it allows our retailers and brands to make decisions on whether that store should be sent POS in the future or whether there is a stock issue that needs reviewing and altering. There could even be a change that needs to be made for the dimensions of the POS to ensure it fits within the store’s poster or header holders for example. This helps ensure that any costs associated with creating and distributing POS is used in the best way, in stores which actually need and require it at the correct size and dimensions.
  • Regular compliance reads and visits helps build a relationship, gain familiarity with a given store and ensure regular brand representation – a challenge around infrequent compliance reads can be the inability to know what has happened in the meantime within that category and that retailer. It could mean that fixture sizes have changed, new kits may have been installed or your space in store could have been lost altogether. Whereas these challenges can arise at any time, the benefit of regular compliance reads means that you can act on this quickly – so that you do not lose sales for longer than needed. If, however you do not find out that you have lost space for quite some time (until the next quarter for example) it could mean that your brand loses representation in store for ¼ of the year! Imagine the missed opportunities!

The more knowledge that you can gain from your category and/or brand in store – the better! Regular compliance reads allow you to gather relevant data on a frequent basis which can help you a) make decisions for the future and b) jump on any in store challenges there and then rather than waiting for the next quarter. At eXPD8 we love data and we have a great team out in store collating it! We are excited to support you on your next opportunity.