eXPD8 Account Manager Susan Robins, takes on a class of 30 inquisitive school children!

I had been invited to attend Barr Beacon School on the 4th March to talk to some of the Film, Media and Business classes about what I do, and what it’s like to work as part of an entertainment team in Field Marketing. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet some new people, get a fresh perspective on what makes people buy DVDs and shout about what we do at eXPD8.

Arriving at Barr Beacon, just so happened to be World Book Day and I was greeted by a variety of teachers all dressed as characters from books; there was everything from Hermione Granger to Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, even Tweedledee from Alice in Wonderland! It was refreshing to know we aren’t the only office to embrace the world of fancy dress for a day!

Facing 30 school children all listening, hoping that you have something interesting to say can be quite a daunting act. However to talk about what I do and how I do it – once I started it was difficult to stop! I could remember myself being at school and having a visitor come and talk to us about working in entertainment and how interested I had been and how much I wished I could do what they do – I just hoped to spark similar interest.

Everyone was great, very attentive and asked lots of really interesting questions about how I got to work for eXPD8, how long I will ordinarily work on a launch, how I take learnings from one launch to the next and what advice I have for anyone wanting to move into the industry. In the end it came down to one simple thing – get your name out there and voice your ideas.

Susan Robins

eXPD8 Account Manager