Standing Out At Retail

Standing Out At Retail

As we know, the store environment is a busy one, with hundreds of brands competing for the attention of the shopper. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd, communicate your message and engage the consumer.

But it’s not impossible – here are some great examples of recent activity that does a good job of grabbing attention or communicating a message:

Jameson’s Whiskey

Standing Out At Retail

To tie in with St Patrick’s Day, Jameson Whiskey took an End in selected Asda’s to promote their spirit lines as well as their pre-mixed drink products. Two FSDUs and shelves of product with bunting really commanded the attention, but it’s the extra elements here which make the difference.

A wooden whisky barrel and a pair of wooden crates set up with product look fantastic – they communicate what the brand represents – old fashioned craftsmanship. Looking closer though, the display is completed with a crate and the leftover cardboard boxes that the bottles were delivered in. This clever use of materials that would otherwise have been discarded is a great example of thinking differently and creates a fixture that interrupts the shopper journey.

Fuel Protein Flakes

This shows an understanding of how products make it onto the shop floor. As we know lots of grocers stack product on promotion so that the product itself becomes the display. Fuel Protein have recognised this and so the outer-packaging clearly shows the brand and product name on all four sides. Even as the display is shopped and depletes it will still clearly show the branding to any passing customer.

Compare that image to the Prosecco bottles on the right. This outer packaging is fulfilling its function – but it’s likely it hadn’t been considered if the consumer would ever see these boxes. It would be easy to add some branding or product info in large type to the sides so that shoppers could identify from a distance what the product was.

Dr Martens – Westfield

standing out retail

Believe it or not – everything you see in the above pictures (except the shoes) is cardboard! The flight case, the record box – even the records themselves. This is a great example of the premium look that can be created with some clever design and a clear idea of the brand message you wish to communicate. Often when considering cardboard, our first thought is FSDU – but are there opportunities for your product to do something differently?

Uncle Bens

standing out retail

Here’s a great example of using your POS to communicate with the shopper. This is a new product, so it’s important to establish what it is and what it’s for. The message on the unit clearly shows the consumer the different ways they can use the product in various scenarios – communicated on all sides of the unit. In fact the name of this particular product isn’t mentioned on the unit at all – just the branding and the message. This shows how you can anticipate what a shopper might ask and proactively engage with them.

These are just a few examples of brands thinking differently about POS – is there an opportunity for you to try something new in store? Get in touch today.

Dan O’Leary

Merchandising Planner


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