Starting a New Job in Lockdown – Freya Parnell

Hi! My name is Freya, and I’m originally from Bristol, but I went to Sheffield Uni to study Spanish and Russian. At Uni, I worked in a pizzeria so starting at eXPD8 was a big change of environment! Lockdown has obviously been a challenging time for most – during the first one I was stuck in a mouldy student house, this time I was back with the parents… but starting a new job made it so much better. My daily routine moved from going for the odd walk and drinking a few too many glasses of wine (sometimes at the same time!) to working 9-5:30 as a ‘kickstarter’.

First Day on the Job

I started in November, about halfway through lockdown and I knew that I had my first day in the office. Naturally, I was quite nervous about how ‘Covid-secure’ the office would be, but there were one-way systems, anti-bac everywhere you could find it and socially distanced desks. In the office, I met a small group of people starting at the same time. After that, everyone we met, we met online, from the safety of my extra Covid-secure study at home.

Everything Online… Everything

eXPD8 has provided us with training sessions through Microsoft Teams or Ring Central, alongside modules on their learning portal – eDUK8. These modules range from eXPD8 focused ones to general modules that will help in the workplace. A lot of effort has been put in to making sure that we have enough support and that we could meet as many people as possible!

Nothing Like Face-to-Face

With team meetings every morning and the constant support from my line manager (and basically everyone who has set me any kind of task), starting a new job in a lockdown was not as bumpy as I thought it would be!

Admittedly, it is hard to build relationships with people online. So I hope that soon it will be possible to meet people face-to-face!