Striving for Strava – Staying Fit, Active and Motivated

Since early 2020, there have been so many changes to our lives. I think I speak for everyone to say it has been a struggle to maintain a normal lifestyle and this is true for fitness. Gyms have been closing and opening and closing again, it is hard to stay active and motivated, let alone fit! Our hobbies may also be impacted by COVID-19 (even for armchair sportspeople). And let’s be honest, the weather hasn’t that great in the evenings… this is a great excuse I’ve used over Christmas. Nonetheless, fitness was important for both our mental and physical health then, and coming out of lockdown… it still is! So now that our excuses aren’t going to be holding up for much longer, how can you get into or get back into fitness?

A New Me

My name is Pete Jones, and I’ve been trying to stay active and motivated recently. I’ve getting out on my bike or for walks whenever I can around my working hours. I now spend more time on my bike every month than in my car and public transport! I even entered a sponsored 250 miles challenge during August and raised over £500 for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Saved by Strava

I use Strava to track my walks and rides, it’s a free app available on your phones that helps keep you on track and active. You can use it to record activity, map your favourite routes & analyse your training with all the stats. One of the ideas to come out of the Q4 Planning meeting for Engagement was finding ways to encourage our Central Office workforce to stay active whilst mainly working at home. We also wanted to open it up to our field team as this is something that affects everybody.

According to the Mental Health Foundation “Studies show that there is approximately a 20% to 30% lower risk of depression and dementia for adults participating in daily physical activity”. Therefore, with things looking up, its time to get up and get out! So introducing the eXPD8 exercise clubs….

eXPD8 eXERCISE Club – a group that tracks all exercise (walking, cycling, running)

eXPD8 Cycling Club – a group just for cyclists

eXPD8 Running Club – a group just for runners

Small Steps First

I’ve personally found Strava to be a great inspiration with interacting with my friends and seeing their activity. Also, for giving each other kudos for our efforts, it gives the motivation to continue with personal goals. Even if you aren’t getting out and about at the moment, you can sign up to Strava and download the app. Then you can start tracking walks on your lunchbreaks or after work. It’s a really fun tool for keeping track of exercise and motivating yourself and others.

It’s so important to take care of your health, and getting back out there in the next few weeks is the perfect opportunity to start getting active and motivated again. I know I am going to get back out and about as soon as possible. To stay motivated I will be using Strava to track my goals using challenges to win badges. I’d love to see a few friendly faces and see what they are doing too!

Pete Jones – Client Account Handler