How can eXPD8 support your NTP or NPD product in retail?

Congratulations! After months of planning, preparation, hard work and sleepless nights you have taken either your new brand or new product right the way from sourcing to marketing and your product has made it into one of the UK’s top retailers! It’s time to sit back and open the champagne as you see the sales start to roll in… or is it?

NTP (New to promotion) or NPD (New product development) is an incredibly exciting area to work within retail. But it is also notoriously difficult. One of the difficulties is that to try and gain space at all in store is extremely competitive. There are many new brands wanting either in-category space or better still, secondary promotional space to showcase their products. The good news is, you’ve got the space agreed! That being said, launch week is here for that promotional cycle and you aren’t quite seeing the results you expected.

Perhaps you have gone to a few stores yourselves and noticed your product isn’t displayed at all, or not correctly. Perhaps your new line should have had a promo mechanic displayed with it, such as a barker, but you haven’t seen any evidence of that from your own visits?

This creates two problems 1. (perhaps the most obvious…) you are missing out on golden sales opportunities and 2. to grow your brand and get space agreed with the retailer in more stores, you will need to prove customer demand and high sales. If you aren’t getting those sales because the product simply hasn’t been displayed then it could jeopardise your future growth potential.

What Can eXPD8 Do For You?

This is where eXPD8 comes in and can help you. The good news is, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the champagne whilst eXPD8 and our team of accredited merchandisers get underneath poor performing areas for your brand or NTP; both rectifying the challenges and giving you full visibility of the on entry/on exit status in store post our calls.

eXPD8 Field Marketing have a team of 2,500 merchandisers across the UK. Our key point of difference from other Field Marketing agencies is simple. We are the only merchandising provider who are preferred supplier in ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s and we work in store week in week out. Our merchandisers are fully-accredited, fully-trained and have localised dedicated relationships with their stores to really make a difference. In addition to “the big 4” we also work within 80+ different retail estates each year including Co-op, Boots, The Range, and the Independents etc.

At eXPD8, we are execution specialists. We are activators and implementers. We frequently support new brands or established brands with new products to either launch in stores or to give them a view of store colleague implementation, fixing it where necessary.

How Do We Do It?

Our approach is this – you provide us with a store list of where your products are ranged. Let us know the planogram/line list and any additional POS that may be part of the promotion. Our merchandisers will then visit the stores with haste to fix and report back the status of your products. In addition to an analytical breakdown of compliance by SKU, we can also provide on entry and on exit images. These give real insight into how your product is being displayed to customers. If your product is launching on a FSDU or has dedicated POS we can also walk this in and liaise with your POS agency to make this happen.

We find this alone increases compliance by more than 20% than sending direct to store!

Our clients use this key information with their retailer contacts. This is to drive discussions on finding solutions for future weeks to ultimately drive success and sales. If you feel like your brand could do with a little help in store then please do not hesitate to reach out to us today at or

Gemma Hurley – Client Services Controller