Teamwork makes the dream work: Why is it so important?

Within eXPD8, teamwork is crucial, though of course the majority of jobs out there will involve working in a ‘team’ of some sort. In the broadest sense, it’s our Central Office team working alongside the Field Team to deliver fantastic results for our clients. That’s teamwork. It’s absolutely paramount to the business. It’s at the heart of ‘what we do’.

But more specifically, to achieve these fantastic results, it is important that our team of Account Handlers work together. In turn, they learn from each others activities. It is also important that our Administrators work together, answering phone queries from our Field Team, thereby assisting in the successful completion of our store visits  – everything works in one big cycle to deliver a collective result! 

Teamwork provides unity within the business

A business with great teamwork often has a unified feeling. This leads to greater team cohesion and ultimately, better morale. The working environment will feel friendly and a pleasure to work in. People work towards a common goal. Close-knit relationships motivate employees to better their results. They come together in delivering the very best they can, in a co-operative and supportive environment.

Not only will this sort of environment drive people to deliver great results, but has also be shown to benefit employee satisfaction. When people feel supported, their mental health improves, too. Ultimately, a workplace with good teamwork generates a feeling of trust, support, respect and cooperation. Typically, there is more pride in tasks being completed, as everyone shared the goal and can collectively celebrate the result. 

Without teamwork, it is possible to create a workplace where employees become focused on promoting their own achievements. You may find people competing against their fellow colleagues. This ultimately leads to fairly un-cooperative working relationships. Employees start seeking their own agendas. It’s clear that, in the majority of cases, this is bad for business. 

That’s when good colleagues become good friends.

Teamwork offers different perspectives 

As per the above point, in an environment with good teamwork, employees will feel more confident in sharing their ideas and working collaboratively. This positive atmosphere and the promotion of sharing ideas to work towards a common goal can bring many benefits. These include diversity in ideas, creativity, new perspectives and a variety of problem-solving approaches. Each of these aspects become greater than the sum of their parts and wouldn’t be possible if colleagues were non-cooperative.

Colleagues all have different strengths and weaknesses. Enhancing and encouraging a sharing environment allows people to feel comfortable in bringing their own opinions to the table. This means delivering a well-rounded project plan, that taking on different thoughts and opinions. Ultimately, the plan becomes more innovative and enriched.

Teamwork can expedite delivery timelines

An obvious benefit of teamwork is efficiency. With multiple people working together, the workload can be shared. This means tasks can be completed faster than if one person was doing them. In addition to this point, team effort increases the volume of output. By having multiple sets of skills to support a project, you can complete the stages of designing, planning, and implementation much more efficiently. This is all made possible within a team where workload and skillsets are shared. 

Collaboration = Efficiency

Teamwork promotes self-learning and self-development 

Team work enables us to learn from each others mistakes. It pushes us to explore ways of working, which we may not have done in working by ourselves. In this way, we are able to avoid future mistakes, gain insight from different perspectives, and learn new concepts and skills from more experienced colleagues.

Additionally, employees can expand their skill sets and discover fresh ideas from newer colleagues. This generates new ideas that their business may not have previously considered. These can then be taken into future projects and expands the general skill set and ‘knowledge pool’ that the business has within it. 

Within eXPD8, teamwork is absolutely essential to deliver activities at an individual level and share learnings in addition to achieving our overall business goals. We encourage group working and enjoy the fresh view points that this can bring – offering innovation and ensuring we never “sit still”, always considering the new and moving forward as a team. If you would like to work within our team please see the following section.

Gemma Cook
Client Services Controller