The Benefits of Walking in POS

There can’t possibly be anything more exciting than POS! I can hear the shop floor calling me! POS here, there, everywhere! But… How? “How does it get there?” You must be wondering? Well… you’ll have to read on to find out.

First of All, What is POS?

The acronym is for Point Of Sale, it’s essentially an item utilised for marketing that’s used by retailers. For example, these items can take the form of a Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU). It could also be a Header on a Tower or something small like a Barker, to promote brands, their products and communicate messages. An effective POS will interest customers with the outcome of boosting sales. To read more about how eXPD8 works with our clients and POS providers to provide first class retail execution click here.

The Two Strategies to Get POS to Store

Direct to Store

One of the distribution strategies eXPD8 use is Direct to Store (DTS). The process for this strategy is as it reads, delivering Point Of Sale directly to stores. This means that warehouse colleagues will intercept the POS, and store it ahead of launch. It is then available for an eXPD8 merchandiser to implement on launch day.

There are of course potential challenges here where POS can get lost amongst other deliveries in the warehouse and the ability to hamper compliance on launch day purely through loss alone. In addition to the lost sales opportunities, this can also lead to a loss in revenue. A result of not only the future opportunity being lost but also the cost of producing a unit which doesn’t make its way to the shop floor to display products.

Walking In

The other distribution strategy, that we shall examine the benefits for next, is Walking In Point Of Sale. For eXPD8, this is where merchandisers are sent POS to their home addresses and are required to walk POS into stores on their scheduled call. At eXPD8, we work alongside logistics provider Allegro Logistics that delivers a fully managed fulfilment solution for POS material that improves distribution and shorten lead times.

5 Benefits of Walking in POS

Higher compliance – At eXPD8 we have seen over the years that Walking In POS improves compliance by 20% when walked in. Along with this also comes an increase in sales. Merchandisers walking in are also able to improve placement of POS. Stores may not be aware of the Clients desired placement/positioning in store of the unit and as such it may not be set up in the correct location – eXPD8 can remedy this as a retail expert specifically instructed where to place the POS.

eXPD8 influence – One element we report on is our influence that has impacted the activity. By Walking In POS, we can ensure that On Exit the POS was set up by our merchandisers and this enhances our impression.

Delivery issues flagged early – At eXPD8 we also use a Complete At Home (CAH) process. This is where a call is loaded to each merchandiser on the date of delivery. An advantage of doing this is so that we can flag any delivery issues earlier on. This can be through checking POS to ensure all parts are included. Similarly, it is checked for any misprint or damages before it gets to store. This is in the hope that these issues can be resolved as soon as possible so set up is achieved on launch day.

Taking the faff off of the stores – Retail stores (especially larger ones) are extremely busy, esspecially around Christmas time. Therefore it’s not un-common for POS to get lost in back of house/warehouse, forgotten about and damaged. Loss and damage to POS means stores are ordering replacements which creates additional costs that could have been avoided.

Location coverage – Our bespoke scheduling and resource planning tool identifies where our 3,000 merchandisers are based. This is done through geo-code across the UK and Ireland, this cuts down travel time and cost, whilst maximising efficiency.

At eXPD8 we are dedicated to supporting retail services through a Syndicated Field Marketing strategy. If you’d like to learn more and find out what we can do for you and your Point Of Sale, please click here for our contact page. Alternatively, email hello@expd8.co.uk.

Dani Canepari – Account Administrator