The future is 4K

Technology is moving at a fast pace these days – we’ve had smart TVs, LED TVs, HD TVs, 3D TVs, curved screens, and now the latest thing that is set to take over is 4K TVs. 4K was a hot topic at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and something for us to watch out for.

What is 4K technology?

4K Ultra High definition delivers some of the most fantastic quality viewing you will ever see – four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD, that’s eight million pixels – four times more than a typical HD TV! The experience of 4K is set to change our viewing experiences as our need for better quality grows – with many saying the result is like looking through a window as opposed to watching TV.

4K TVs are becoming more affordable with sales increasing by 160% in 2015 and an expected 140 million screens out there in our homes globally by 2020 according to the TV market report from Futuresource Consulting.

Why invest in 4K?

Why have a fantastic TV when you can’t play your favourite films on it in the best possible quality? Is there enough content to make it worthwhile? The answer is yes! This year many studios have released titles onto 4K compatible Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and they are also working to convert some of their best loved catalogue titles too. Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and Warner Home Video are all releasing titles to Ultra HD Blu-ray. So you’ll be able to watch some of the year’s big titles like  “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” and “Jason Bourne” at home in fantastic 4K quality.

With the attraction and popularity of TV boxsets and subscription viewing you are sure to want to watch your favourite boxset on the best quality. Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant are getting in on the act delivering some of their best properties in the new resolution already. However due to the size of Ultra HD content  streaming this will always be a challenge until there are some real developments on internet bandwidth and therefore this is the reason the Ultra HD discs will always eclipse anything streamed due to the amount of content and data that can be stored on the disc versus transferred over the web.

What equipment will I need?

So first off you need to buy your 4K TV – Sony, Samsung and Panasonic now all have ranges of 4K TVs available purchase. Next you’ll need  a 4K Blu-ray player – this enables you to get the best from the Ultra HD discs you purchase. Unfortunately current Blu-ray players won’t support the new discs, however the new Ultra HD Blu-ray players will support any disc – including DVD and Blu-rays. Therefore you are future proofed to make sure you don’t need to replace your entire DVD collection – and as an extra bonus these will become up-scaled due to the machine.

So this year we have a brand new format to embrace and potentially hitting the grocery shelves to become a bigger part in making home entertainment greater and sustain its selling potential!


Sarah Sheffield

Category Development Manager