Tracking Retail Space

At eXPD8 we are able to track space at retail in great detail. This not only benefits us when making recommendations and creating strategic plans, but benefits our clients by allowing them to have the knowledge of space changes. This communication means they also know what they should be doing to maximise sales, by knowing where the key space for them lies and to save money by focusing on specific store bases.

How we track space:

During 2019 our business was successful in gaining preferred supplier status in Tesco. We now have this status in three grocers (ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Tesco). We also work extremely closely with Morrisons. Building these relationships with the retailers means that we are kept informed of upcoming Range Changes and trials that are taking place.

Once a week a conference call takes place between Account Handlers within the business and the implants at the retailers. This is to update us on the upcoming activity (whether it be a DVD launch or a books FSDU being implemented). During this call, discussions take place in store level detail, determining where the best and most effective store visits should take place and if there are any challenges that we need our field team to address.

How this benefits our Clients:

Understanding the changes within the retail landscape mean we can pull together specific report. This includes, stating how many stores have each element of space, whether it be a Gondola end or a permanent Tower. As we also manage the majority of the entertainment space on a weekly basis, we can complete audits to manage any changes and keep our Clients informed. Overall this helps decision making and understanding spend.

Some in-store fixtures are not in a fixed position. There are towers that can be moved accordingly as they are on wheels. This leads to an ongoing change within the store bases and amount of stock and POS required. By keeping on top of this we can save our Clients money by recommending how many stores they should be visiting, and the quantity of spare POS they should be ordering.

What’s next:

At eXPD8 we are going to remain on the forefront of tracking retail space. We will also continue to work closely with our clients to manage the changes the future holds and with developments in technology we are always looking for smarter and more efficient ways to capture this information.

Watch this space…

Suzanne Saville – Client Services Manager