What does Easter mean for Retail… ?

Easter holidays are one of the largest events of the year for food, second only to Christmas.  The holiday not only allows Family gatherings but also extra time to shop in preparation for the Summer months ahead!

The Easter period sees a strong increase to food and drink sales;  in previous years, retailers enjoyed a huge seasonal uplift during the 4 week lead up to the period, with confectionery sales up by 41% and alcohol by 12% (Source: Media Reach).  The chocolate Easter egg market in Britain is worth £220 million, (Source: Media Reach) increasing YOY, which is apparently due to the improved range and well-designed delights in store. It’s a great time to maximise sales and Customer retention, ensuring they return to your store after the seasonal period.  1 in 5 shoppers say they would visit their local convenience store more frequently if they got behind seasonal events! (Source: Nielsen)

Historically, the busiest shopping day over the Easter period has been Easter Saturday, with the quietest on Easter Monday.

Retailers can drive sales by catering for family gathering and giftings, with boxed chocolates and seasonal novelties.  Seasonal sales represent nearly 40% of the total confectionery market.

Convenience retailers have always benefited from strong trading in the run up to, and including Easter Sunday itself (maximising the fact that the Grocers are not allowed to open on Easter Sunday!), with Easter eggs being available from as early as February.  It’s really key that displays stand out, POS  is clear and there is a good range of eggs in store that will attract Consumers to pick these up in the early days as an unplanned/impulse purchase, and then nearer the day a distressed purchase when the local Grocers have sold out!

Messaging and stand out is therefore key to attract Customers to make a purchase whilst in store.  Cross merchandising chocolate and other Easter related goods (greetings cards, gift cards) is a great way to increase consumer’s basket spend as well as dedicating secondary areas of the store during the lead up to the Easter period.

Consumers also use this occasion to prepare a special meal for their Family.  More than 1 in 10 shoppers (Source: Internet Retailing) plan to prepare a special meal.  So focusing on fresh produce and availability is also a great opportunity for retailers to maximise basket spend during this period, and as the guests are likely to take chocolates as a thank you gift for the host on the day, it’s a double win Retailers!!

eXPD8 will have presence in stores over the Easter period, if you need help bringing your brand to life, please get in touch.

Amanda Heritage

Business Development Manager