Work Experience at eXPD8 Field Marketing

A week of work experience with eXPD8 Field Marketing!

With the end of my first year in Sixth Form fast approaching, I felt it was time to decide if, when and where I would do some work experience.  Out of the 4 A levels I am taking, my definite favourites are Media and English Literature.  After discussing work experience with my Media teacher she put me in contact with eXPD8.

I did some research on the company and became very interested in what they do; not only did I think it sounded fascinating but due to the uncertainty I have over what to do after A levels I felt this could give me an idea of what the workplace is like and inspiration on what to do next, whilst gaining relevant experience.

On the first day of my placement I was, to say the least, nervous.  But I truly had no need to be. As soon as I arrived I was put at ease by the welcome I received from all the people within the company. One of the first skills I learnt was to collate photos through a bespoke software system.  I was taken through it step-by-step and once I was left to work on it independently I felt completely at ease.  My first two days were in the General Merchandising department and I did a variety of tasks to support the account teams.  I was introduced to the technology they use to brief the field team and collate the data to report back to the client.  By the end of day two, I even made phone calls to supermarkets to check on the activity (something I did not think I’d have the confidence to do).

A new day dawned and within no time and I was shipped off to the Entertainment team. On this day I was trusted to proof read a Retail Insight report for one of our Clients.  After reading, and re reading (and re re reading!) I highlighted any corrections. Later in the day I learnt how to create planograms and how to mark on the planogram price changes and priority titles. As the day ended I was exhausted but looking forward to the next day.

The following day, I continued to develop my skills within the department and the software suite as a whole – I found that I was much more confident within the space of a week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience within eXPD8. The company is incredibly diverse and the environment is fast paced – despite this however the company are very welcoming and everyone within the teams come across as passionate and knowledgeable about the brands they represent.

A great week and experience!

Tom Hale