Your Support Team Here To Help

Your Support Team, Here To Help

If you have ever called Central Office with a question about your call, you have probably spoken to one of our brilliant COAST members.

Our Central Office Administration Support Team were born from a need for a standalone admin team, equipped and trained to exceptional standards, enabled to offer support across a broad range of clients.

Your Support Team, Here To Help

They are here to support you and are always happy to help.

Our administrators have the capability to work across all accounts from movies to make up; from games to gardening gloves; creating briefs, questionnaires, mailing lists, Proof Of Delivery files, reports and much, much more.

The chances are, however, you will only know them for answering the phone. Central Office receives an average of 125 phone calls a day and unless you are after IT, HR or Finance… a COAST member will take your call. If you’ve ever wondered who these people are… wonder no more, say “hello”  to our Central Office Admin Support Team:

Your Support Team, Here To Help

Name:                                                  Emma Curran

Time at eXPD8:                                10 Months

Where you’re from:                       Newcastle upon Tyne

Hobbies/Interests:                         Watching documentaries and reading about true crime (serial killers)

Favourite film:                                  I’m a massive Marvel fan… so anything from the Marvel Universe !

Number of Babybels I can consume in 1 minute: As Babybels are my fave… I reckon a lot!!

Your Support Team, Here To Help

Name:                                                  Hannah Nichols-Bono

Time at eXPD8:                                 2 days

Where you’re from:                        Melbourne, Australia

Hobbies/Interests:                          Skiing and Snowboarding

Favourite film:                                   Any Harry Potter film

Your Support Team, Here To Help
Jas-on the left!

Name:                                                  Jas Cook

Time at eXPD8:                                 14 Weeks

Where you’re from:                        Originally Hampshire but lived in Somerset for 6 years now I’m in Bedminster

Hobbies/Interests:                          LARP, Tabletop RP, Singing, Acting, Playing guitar and video games

Favourite film:                                   Too many to choose from

Number of Babybels I can consume in 1 minute: Get me a couple of packets of babybels and I’m willing to test this               

Name:                                                 Karina Charlesworth

Time at eXPD8:                                10 months

Where you’re from:                        Lima, Peru

Hobbies/Interests:                          Reading, travelling, eating out, dancing

Favourite film:                                   Life is beautiful

Number of Babybels I can consume in 1 minute  3 (maybe!)

Your Support Team, Here To Help

Name:                                                 Nik Maxwell

Time at eXPD8:                                13 months

Where you’re from:                        South Africa/Cheltenham

Hobbies/Interests:                          Sci-fi, fencing, and games

Favourite film:                                   Blade Runner (both)

Number of Babybels I can consume in 1 minute  Between 2 and 12

Now when you call our Central Office, you can put a friendly face to the name and also picture them with potentially 12 whole Babybels in their mouth…..