Back to School 2020


Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
Number of hours

Additional results

  • eXPD8 provided regular compliance updates throughout the campaign, giving full visibility on how different products & promotions were performing
  • Our team reacted quickly to any instances of non-compliance, giving timely insight & effective solutions where possible to minimise any impact on sales. Priorities & call times were also reviewed regularly throughout the campaign & adapted accordingly to results.
  • Any time left on calls was used to replenish BIC products in other categories & gather insight on inventory levels & competitor space to capitalise on having our team already instore without needing BIC to spend any more budget
  • As a result of careful planning, merchandisers had a strong 34% average influence on the set-up of promotional spaces & products

Our response

  • Our head office team met with each of BIC’s retailer Account Managers individually at the beginning of the project to discuss their plans & objectives in each chain.
  • Bespoke briefs and questionnaires were then created for each retailer. Visits were also carefully timed for points where merchandisers were likely to have the biggest impact to maximise BIC’s return on investment & compliment the work of store colleagues