Birds Of Prey – Launch Case Study



Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised

Additional results

  • Compliance in eXPD8 set up stores was a strong 96%
  • Over 17,000 copies of Birds of Prey were merchandised on launch calls

Our response

  • 94% of FSDU’s were walked in and successfully set up in ASDA, which is a great success given the current instore climate being affected by COVID-19
  • Morrisons New Release Tower and Sainsbury’s Shipper Site 2 Tower stock compliance was high at 99% and DVD Chart compliance achieved 99% across ASDA, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s
  • Morrisons New Release Tower POS was walked into stores and compliance reached 98%
  • Calls were utilized to set up LEGO DC Shazam: Magic & Monsters DVD and Shaft 2019 DVD
  • To minimise POS going missing, eXPD8 merchandisers walked all possible New Release Tower POS into Morrisons stores, and Stockholding Units to Asda. Deliveries of these items were checked up on via our Complete at Home POS Check calls, which allowed us to chase up deliveries and order spares where necessary
  • Launch Data was reported to the client 3 times across launch day, with incoming data constantly reviewed and acted upon to fix where necessary
  • eXPD8 completed replenishment visits across Week 1 and 2 in stores to ensure continued visibility and availability of the product to consumers across the key sales period