Classic DVD Boxset Tower Case Study


Average compliance achieved

Additional results

  • 92% Compliance achieved for Shipper Implementation.
  • In excess of 7,800 units merchandised across the retail estate.
  • 100% of stores visited by 2pm.
  • Regular review of compliance alongside replenishment visits to ensure the tower remains on shop floor throughout the festive period. 99% compliance achieved by week 2 of the promotion.

Our response

    • Conference calls with all stakeholders to ensure full briefing of launch mechanics and expectations.
    • Brief collated ahead of launch internally at eXPD8 Central Office. Conference calls with Zone and Regional Managers to explain the various promotional mechanics that were imperative for launch set up also were conducted at -1 week.
    • Our tablet technology allowed for last minute communication’s, so our merchandisers were fully briefed prior to their store visit.
    • SEL implementation across the estate.
    • PODs (proof of delivery) loaded to the merchandisers tablets ahead of launch indicating when POS landed in store to aid the team in locating it.
    • Strong relationships with POS Agency allowed for re-order and swift implementation on any damaged units to store.
    • Several stores visited on day of launch by 12 midday.
    • Real time data provided clients with clear photos and compliance reports by 11am and 3pm on launch day.