Games Gift Card Replen – Case Study



Number of Products merchandised

Additional results

  • 275 stores visited fortnightly by eXPD8 for replenishment visits
  • Activity ran for 19 weeks in total – 18 weeks of replen following initial visit to all stores
  • In excess of 105,000 products merchandised over the duration of the activity
  • Average of 22 Gift Cards sited per store, per week visited
  • Overall availability increased by 12.7% in stores visited
  • Overall availability for PS4/Xbox Split Chart increased by 28.7%
  • Overall availability improved by 30% in 220 stores visited
  • Overall availability increased to over 90% in 111 stores, with 99 stores achieving 100% availability across all ranged space / SKUs

Our response

  • 10 core SKUs identified to ensure focus on driving availability of key products
  • Initial replenishment visits in 549 Sainsbury’s main estate stores ranged for the Gift Card EPU End
  • Following initial visits, eXPD8 reviewed overall availability of games gift cards by store
  • 275 stores selected for fortnightly replenishment visits for the Gift Card EPU End and Games Charts, based on 75% or less overall availability following initial visit
  • Brief collated ahead of launch by eXPD8 Central Office.
  • eXPD8’s tablet technology allowed for quick data transfer and an ability to see call data from store 45 minutes after a merchandiser visit. It also allowed us to be reactive when notified of a scanning issue which would impact several SKUs, ensuring merchandisers were notified quickly so we could support stores
  • Clear photos and availability reports provided fortnightly following completion of calls. This enabled the client to track SKU, space and store improvements and make subsequent adjustments (if required)