Implementation of Comic Relief Pallet within Sainsbury’s stores

Red Nose Day


Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited

Additional results

  • Visits in 400+ stores within one day.
  • eXPD8 were able to feedback to Sainsbury’s with timely information regarding their promotion in store.
  • In excess of 22,000 items were merchandised on launch day.
  • In addition to implementation of the event pallet – photos were also captured on call of additional POS in store (e.g: Car Park Banners, A-Frames, Checkout Dividers etc).

Our response

  • eXPD8 were responsible for liaising with the relevant POS agency to ensure the correct labour allocated for the unit in question – this involved an understanding of the build instructions and all key components.
  • Briefs were created at our Central Office to outline the following;
    • Where in store the products were ranged and the relevant plannogram for that space
    • Delivery information of the SKUs to store
    • Delivery information of the POS to store
    • Visuals of the relevant unit – including delivery label
    • Key build instructions
    • Health and Safety instructions for moving of the pallet onto shopfloor
  • Compliance questions were loaded to merchandisers tablets the week prior to launch – these being bespoke to the store in question.
  • On launch day, the client was provided with several images and interim updates to make them aware of launch progress.
  • The final report was then provided the day following launch.
Red Nose Day
Red Nose Day
Red Nose Day