Implementation of Jelly Belly Products for The Fine Confectionery Company within Sainsbury’s

eXPD8 support product set up in Sainsbury's stores


Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited

Additional results

  • Visits in circa 300 stores
  • eXPD8 were able to feedback to The Fine Confectionery Company timely information regarding their promotion in store
  • In excess of 4,000 items were merchandised on launch day for the promotion

Our response

  • Briefs were created at our Central Office. These were collated post conference calls with the client to outline the following;
    • Where in store the unit needed to be set up
    • Delivery information of the units to store – including proof of deliveries bespoke to each store
    • Visual, line list and plannogram of the unit
    • Information regarding Stock on Hand in store and their delivery frequency for existing lines ranged in store
  • Compliance questions were loaded to merchandisers tablets the week prior to launch – these being bespoke to the store in question and allowing for key data capture. This including whether the unit had been located and whether there were any challenges regarding stock in stores. Wherever stock issues did occur, merchandisers liaised with store colleagues to review store inventory levels
  • On launch day, the client was provided with various images and interim updates to make them aware of launch progress. The final report was then provided the day following launch, giving an overview of compliance, images and exceptions
Jelly Belly