Implementation of Men’s Skincare Branded POS within Sainsbury’s stores


Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised

Additional results

  • eXPD8 were able to feedback to Sainsburys with timely information regarding the bay refresh in store
  • eXPD8 influenced overall set up and planogram compliance by 77% with merchandisers assisting stores with the skincare planogram changes as well as siting the shelf trays
  • In excess of 1,100 items were mailed out to merchandisers and walked into stores over a 3-day period

Our response

  • eXPD8 liaised directly with the suppliers for all 5 skincare brands 8 weeks before the activity to obtain POS dimensions and other delivery details
  • All POS was then booked into the warehouse 4 weeks prior to delivery with Advanced Shipping Notifications sent to each supplier
  • Mailing list compiled at eXPD8 Central Office and sent to warehouse team 1 week before POS was dispatched to merchandisers’ home addresses
  • eXPD8 Central Office team conducted a test call ahead of the activity and tested time on call to see if all call tasks could be achieved within the allocated time
  • Merchandisers walked in all 6 trays and sited on the Men’s Skincare bay in store across a 3-day period
  • Compliance questions were loaded to merchandisers tablets the week prior to launch – these being bespoke to the store in question and allowing for key data capture
  • On launch day, the client was provided with various images and interim updates to make them aware of launch progress. The final report was then provided the day following launch, giving an overview of compliance, images and exceptions