Launch Day Merchandising For Batman V Superman

Launch Day Merchandising For Batman V Superman Game


Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
% set-ups/visits completed

Our response

  • 220 pre-launch visits were carried out initially to engage stores with one of the most exciting Warner releases of 2016. Our merchandisers shared product trailers with staff, set up pre-awareness POS, agreed the set up of Theatrical POS ahead of launch day and checked the arrival of key POS in store on the Friday before launch
  • As a consequence of pre-launch activity, compliance reached 100% for all Theatrical Stockholding Units
  • For the launch itself, a staggering 2,186 store visits were completed across 5 major retail chains
  • 400 stores received replenishment visits in the second half of the launch week to ensure the title was well stocked and POS remained sited throughout the title’s opening weekend. An additional 400 visits took place at the beginning of the second week for additional replenishment