Measuring Case Study



Number of Stores visited
% set-ups/visits completed

Additional results

  • % of visits completed: 100%
  • Number of stores visited: 608
  • Number of hours spend in store: 456
  • % of stores with additional bays
o   2nd Bay 53%
o   3rd Bay 14%

Our response

  • Highly detailed preparation was put in place for this activity due to the level of detail and accuracy required – our Account Handlers discussed different approaches to recording the data and assessed which would be most suitable for this activity through call testing and prototype calls.
  • Over 4 days we visited stores with tape measures suitable to record the requested data.
  • As our client only required data relating to their products, as there were various planograms in place in stores we designed a flowing set of questions which allowed Merchandisers to indicate if the relevant products are available on a certain shelf before recording the required data to avoid any unnecessary data being reported.
  • As we were able to complete a test call, we obtained the standard measurements for store fixtures and loaded these as standard responses for the measurement question with a separate response to detail anything not stated, streamlining the time required for Merchandisers to fill in their call survey.
  • Photos of each relevant bay in store were provided to the client.