Merchandising & Tester Ordering For Rimmel

Merchandising & Tester Ordering For Rimmel


Number of Products merchandised
Amount of POS sited
% set-ups/visits completed

Additional results

  • Average of 1925 Rimmel Testers ordered across the estate per week
  • Rimmel focus stores have so far generated 15 Winners overall with £750 worth of goodies distributed.
  • 325 Rimmel fixtures serviced across the estate
  • 285 Spare parts ordered on average each cycle

Our response

  • Replenishing the fixture(s)
  • Tidying & cleaning the fixture(s)
  • Ordering replacement fixture parts and testers.
  • Tagging all Cosmetic products over specified amount
  • Alerting store to print and site SELs when required
  • Alerting store to complete the FOA on exit of our visit to store
  • Promotional changes
  • Carrying out refits including demerchandising and remerchandising stands
  • Completing call questions assessing maintenance, lighting, SELs (Shelf Edge Labels), OOS (Out of Stock), FOA (Stock Count)
Merchandising & Tester Ordering For Rimmel