Once Upon A Time in Hollywood – Case Study



Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
Amount of POS sited

Additional results

  • Sales of all Once Upon A Time in Hollywood formats were strong across all chains
  • eXPD8 achieved a combined average final compliance of 96%
  • A busy store environment during the Q4 period proved challenging for merchandisers when locating POS and negotiating space for units on the shop floor, however strong final compliance was achieved across all chains

Our response

  • Once Upon A time in Hollywood was supported ahead of launch with Pre-Release activity in Asda and Morrisons. Both retailers supported the launch with Standees. The Standees were set up in 166 stores with an overall compliance level of 93%
  • On launch day eXPD8 set up POS in Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and HMV as well as setting up the title on the charts. In Asda stores an 8 Pocket FSDU was walked in and set up along with the title being set up on the MVG Cube. eXPD8 walked in and set up Cladding for the New Release Tower in Morrisons and in Sainsbury’s the title was on a Shared Tower in Shipper Site 1. Tesco supported the launch with stores receiving either an 8 Pocket FSDU or a10 or 15 Pocket Bumper Unit. Finally, HMV set up a 4 Pocket FSDU, and further supported the launch with a Window Poster, branded Carrier Bags and Security Shrouds
  • Compliance updates were sent to Sony Pictures regularly during the first day of launch
  • eXPD8 merchandisers visited stores later in the week to replenish the title, maximising opening weekend sales opportunities